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  • AI alliance to be catalyst for Guangdong's future advanced economy


    To build itself as an innovative hub for the artificial intelligence (AI) industry, Guangdong province in southern China announced the creation of a special AI industry alliance in Guangzhou on Jan 29.

  • Cutting-edge technology boosts Guangzhou shipyards


    Guangzhou's ship-building companies are acquiring a wide range of cutting-edge technologies which are expected to give them a competitive edge in the international market.

  • Institute to enhance data security in GDD


    Guangzhou Development District will be the data-security highland in Guangzhou as it signed a cooperation agreement with Guangzhou University on Jan 16 to set up a data security institute and an incubator base for related technologies.

  • Guangzhou drug maker puts new antibiotic medicine into clinical tests


    Guangzhou Baiyunshan Pharmaceutical Holdings announced on Jan 1 that a new chemical synthetic drug independently developed by the company and used to treat pneumonia has received clinical test permission from the China Food and Drug Administration (CFDA).

  • IAB industries restructure Guangzhou's 'Fortune' layout


    The 2017 Fortune Global Forum, a great occasion for economic experts, government officials and senior officials of the world's leading companies to speak on the development and innovation, is due to be held in Guangzhou from Dec 6 to 8, and the southern Chinese city will surely take this opportunity to fully present itself to the world.

  • Emerging industries nurtured in Guangzhou


    Guangzhou has focused on developing emerging industries such as new energy and new materials (NEM) to optimize its industrial structure and accelerate its economy in recent years.

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