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  • China shows the way in openness


    Openness and innovation will dominate the agenda of this year's Fortune Global Forum in Guangzhou when top executives of the world's largest companies gather in the southern Chinese city, underscoring China's rising role as a strong advocate for globalization and innovation in the international trade arena.

  • China leads in industrial innovation


    China is much more likely to become a leader in innovation in key emerging industries-boosted by its young talent, government support and extending internet penetration-according to panelists attending the Fortune Brainstorm Tech International Conference in Guangzhou on Tuesday.

  • Chinese vice premier to attend 2017 Fortune Global Forum


    Chinese Vice Premier Wang Yang will attend the opening ceremony of the 2017 Fortune Global Forum and deliver a keynote speech, Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Geng Shuang announced Monday.

  • Guangzhou ready to welcome 1,000 to global forum


    Around 1,000 government officials and senior business executives will attend the 2017 Fortune Global Forum, which will open Wednesday in this Guangdong provincial capital.

  • Fortune Global Forum set for record attendance


    As of Nov 22, a total of 134 Fortune 500 enterprises and more than 700 guests have registered for the upcoming 2017 Fortune Global Forum, a record high in both categories.

  • Leaders gather to brainstorm today's international context


    Guangzhou, a centuries-old international commercial hub, gathered leaders of the global innovation economy at the Fortune Brainstorm Tech International Conference that opened on Tuesday.

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