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Fortune Global Forum set for record attendance | Updated:2017-11-28

As of Nov 22, a total of 134 Fortune 500 enterprises and more than 700 guests have registered for the upcoming 2017 Fortune Global Forum, a record high in both categories.

The number of Fortune 500 enterprises from overseas has reached 79, with the number of registered guests from these companies approaching 150. A total of 123 guests from 55 domestic Fortune 500 enterprises are due to attend the global event. Moreover, 68 leading companies in Guangzhou have also been invited and have confirmed their participation in the forum.


A special session is held in Guangzhou on Nov 26 to ensure receptionists do a great job communicating with guests who attend the 2017 Fortune Global Forum. [Photo/] 

According to Cai Chaolin, director of 2017 Fortune Global Forum Executive Committee, the forum's receptionists have been well trained to present Guangzhou's glamor and spread its stories to the world.

Special random checks have been conducted among the forum's volunteers and receptionists to ensure their good communication with forum guests and their entourages.

The 2017 Fortune Global Forum, a global event where senior officials from Fortune 500 enterprises, multinational corporations and government officials convene and talk about innovation, globalization and sustainable development, is due to be hosted in Guangdong capital of Guangzhou from Dec 6 to 8.


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