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Aug 09, 2021

Virus prevention methods adjusted at boundary crossings

Zhuhai and Macao authorities have decided that apart from drivers of lorries or trucks delivering essential goods between the two cities, from 6 a.m. August 4th, all people crossing the border must produce proof of a negative nucleic acid test issued within 12 hours.

Aug 09, 2021

Guangzhou Center for Disease Control and Prevention: just back to Guangzhou? Test! Test! Test!

To protect the health of citizens and consolidate the hard-won achievements on COVID-19 prevention and control in Guangzhou, the Guangzhou Center for Disease Control and Prevention now solemnly reminds all citizens of the following.

Aug 09, 2021

Notice: To All Residents; 91 Fever Clinics are Offering 24/7 Services in Guangzhou. Precautions for Hospital Visitors

The recent COVID-19 outbreak has already rapidly spread to 35 cities and 15 provinces in China. It now poses a grave challenge to our domestic epidemic control efforts.

Aug 09, 2021

NOTICE: temporary closure of gaming establishments

The government has decided that KTVs, mini singing booths, internet service venues, chess and card rooms, and mahjong halls will be temporarily closed.

Aug 05, 2021

Notice: Temperature measurement, health code display will resume for Guangzhou's urban transportation

In order to further strengthen the city's urban traffic control and prevention measures, the following measures will be implemented for Guangzhou urban transportation from Aug 4.

Aug 03, 2021

Baiyun airport requires health code to enter

Starting from Aug 2, people entering terminals for departures or coming to pick up relatives and friends at Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport must swipe their ID cards at the entrance to show their health codes and take their temperatures.

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