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The 134th Canton Fair celebrates innovation with prestigious design award | Updated:2023-10-25

The 134th Canton Fair Design Award (CF Award) ceremony is held on Oct 24 at the Canton Fair Complex, Room 8, Hall B. A record-breaking 1,288 companies participated with 2,284 products this year.

The selection process involved 29 domestic and international experts in the design, industrial, and trade sectors, who narrowed down the field to 683 products belonging to 400 companies in the preliminary stage and ultimately awarded 141 products from 118 companies.

These award-winning products will be showcased during the 134th Canton Fair, drawing attention from the business community and wider society. The initial panel of judges comprised 19 international buyers, representatives from business associations, design institute experts, and renowned designers.

In the final evaluation, after considering innovation, functionality, quality, appearance, and environmental friendliness, 10 top experts from the United States, Italy, South Korea, Indonesia, and China selected the award-winning products, ensuring they met criteria in terms of design aesthetics, quality, and market recognition.


The 134th CF Award Ceremony is held at the Canton Fair Complex on Oct 24, showcasing creativity and innovation. [Photo/WeChat Account: cantonfair_cp]

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