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Huadu's skipping team win 14 golds at world jump rope championships | Updated:2023-07-28

Led by Lai Xuanzhi, a physical education teacher, the "Light Speed Boys" skipping team from Guangzhou's Huadu district triumphantly return home, brandishing an impressive haul of 14 gold medals from the 2023 World Jump Rope Championships.

During the championship, Zhang Chongyang successfully defended his title as world jump rope champion, while Xie Kaiyu and Cen Xiaolin emerged as rising champions. The youngest team member, 12-year-old Tang Haofan, surprised everyone by winning five gold medals at his debut competition.

In recent years, the Huadu jump rope team has broken numerous world records and nurtured 39 world jump rope champions, becoming a significant platform for Huadu and Guangzhou to engage in international exchanges.

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