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Guangzhou metro boosts Labor Day holiday travel with restrictions, more trains | Updated:2023-04-28

As the Labor Day holiday approaches, Guangzhou Metro Group announced the expected peak periods for passenger flow at key stations during the holiday period. 

When there are large numbers of passengers in any given station, restrictions will be put in place to ensure orderly boarding and disembarking processes. Passengers are advised to plan and allocate sufficient travel time during this period. The "Passenger Flow Information" feature on the Guangzhou Metro app can help passengers avoid congested stations by displaying the passenger flow information of each line.

To facilitate the travel needs of citizens, Line 14 and Line 21 will increase train frequency and compress train intervals during the holiday period.

The arrival times of express trains may be adjusted according to the operational organization of a specific line, and the current timetable is for reference only. After the Labor Day holiday, the operating schedules of the normal and express trains on Lines 14 and 21 will revert to their normal schedules.

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