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Guangzhou airport optimizes T1 for convenient travel

baiyunport-news, GDToday | Updated:2023-02-20

Starting from 2 am on February 15, Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport has optimised the arrangement of different airlines in T1 to make travel more convenient and efficient for passengers.


The adjustment will be carried out in different stages. So far, three domestic airlines – China Eastern Airlines, Shanghai Airlines, and China United Airlines – have already been relocated to the East 3 Concourse. The rest, originally operating in the west concourse, will be simultaneously optimised in line with the number of flights and schedules.

To get to the East 3 Concourse, passengers can follow the airport signs at key intersections. 

Furthermore, there are three smart screen machines available to provide more information.


In the meantime, the VIP lounge of China Eastern Airlines in the East 3 Concourse also reopened, with a total of 288 seats covering an area of 1,700 square meters.

To accommodate the increasing demand for travel, the Airport will reorganise the East 2 Concourse in the future in accordance with the current situation and the operating routes of various airlines.






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