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Guangzhou gathers global resources to attract business | Updated:2023-02-03

Guangzhou has been actively implementing investment promotion work to gather more global resources. 

Before the Spring Festival holiday, the Guangzhou municipal government sent a delegation to Europe, Japan, and South Korea to attract investment. It is reported that investors from all over the world continue to be optimistic about Guangzhou.

According to Hong Qian, director of the Guangzhou municipal bureau of commerce, Guangzhou will implement a global investment partner plan, and carry out domestic roadshows every month. 

It will also continue to organize annual international investment meetings in the first half of this year, organize global promotions every quarter, and set up new investment promotion workstations in Europe, the Middle East, and other places. 

On Jan 19, Mixc of China Resources Land (CR Land) announced that it will settle in Bai'etan, Guangzhou.

Officials of CR Land said that Guangzhou and Guangzhou's Liwan district have provided comprehensive service support on this project. This further strengthens CR Land's determination to continue to increase investment in Guangzhou.

The officials went on to say that they are very willing to take root in Guangzhou and grow together with the city.

Guangzhou holds annual international investment conferences to promote investment promotion..jpg

Guangzhou holds annual international investment conferences to promote investment promotion.

A view of Bai'etan..jpg

A view of Bai'etan.


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