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Districts | Updated:2023-02-01

Panyu district

Panyu district, located in the south-central part of Guangdong province, is in the geometric center of Guangdong, Hong Kong, Macao and the Pearl River Delta. It is a transport hub of the Pearl River Delta region, as well as a bridge linking east and west Guangdong. Currently, a comprehensive transport system, including road, rail, sea, air, pipeline and other modes, has been formed. Panyu is a key region of Guangzhou's "southward expansion project", gathering together Guangzhou's emerging industries and service providers. To be built into a new urban center suitable for working and living, the district has very promising prospects.

Panyu, China's earliest county, was built in 214 BC (the 33rd year of Emperor Qin Shi Huang's reign) and now has over 2,200 years of history. Since long ago, it has been an important port city, a famous "breadbasket" and one of the birth places of Lingnan culture.

The Pearl River Delta accommodates a variety of industries and its secondary and tertiary industries are highly developed. With one tenth of the world's consumer goods being made here, the delta is one of the world's manufacturing centers. Panyu, located at the center of the Pearl River Delta region, owns complete industrial supporting facilities, having clear advantages in digital information, machinery equipment, digital optics, fine chemicals, electricity transmission, distribution and transformation. The gold and silver jewelry processing industry is a highlight of the district. In 2005, its jewelry processing and export value reached $1.06 billion , accounting for a quarter of the entire country and the processing amount accounted for 60 percent of Hong Kong's exported jewelry.

The tourism industry of Panyu is developing rapidly. The district has the Chime Long 5A-class state tourist resort, the state 4A-class Lotus Hill and the Baomoyuan Garden, one of four famous gardens in Guangdong.

Panyu is famed for its superior living environment. It features many recreational sites and beautiful international communities with complete facilities and convenient transportation. Supporting facilities also help to create a good living and working environment for businessmen and international friends in Panyu.

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