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Conghua Hot Spring Tourism Resort to become part of GZ intl block | Updated:2022-12-29

Conghua district recently selected Liuxi Hot Spring Tourism Resort to become part of the pilot construction of Guangzhou's international block.

The international block is about 12 square kilometers. It begins at the ecological town in the north and ends at Liuxi Hot Spring Square in the south.

Liuxi Hot Spring Tourism Resort started construction in 2004 and has become a comprehensive tourism resort. This venue can be used for leisure vacations, as there are multiple facilities and activities such as hot springs, six hot spring resort hotels, and horseback riding available. It is also suitable for business as it can host conferences and exhibitions.

Rare Hot Spring has the title of "China's No 1 Radon Soda Hot Spring" by the China World Record Association, and the Conghua Racecourse is a world-class international horse training base and the service center for the Hong Kong Jockey Club.

Imperial Springs International Conference Center has successfully held many international conferences, and the World Eco-design Conference held in the Eco-town has been awarded "Special Consultative Status" by the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations.

In the first half of 2022, the resort received more than 2.57 million visitors.

In the future, the resort will build an ecological international block based on leisure and vacation, as well as international conferences.

Guangzhou will select 10-15 blocks for pilot construction of its international blocks during China's 14th Five-Year Plan (2021-2025), and the first batch of pilot projects will be completed by 2025. These international blocks will become a driving force for Guangzhou's plan to open up to the outside world by 2035.

Imperial Springs International Conference Center..jpg

Imperial Springs International Conference Center. [Photo/WeChat account: gzchfb]

The Hong Kong Jockey Club Conghua Racecourse..jpg

The Hong Kong Jockey Club Conghua Racecourse. [Photo/WeChat account: gzchfb]


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