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Guangzhou gives update on yellow health codes

GZFAO | Updated:2022-11-01

It is learned that a yellow code will turn green only when a PCR test has been taken after the yellow code assignment. So, the best solution is to take another PCR test as soon as possible, even if you have received a 24-hour negative result.

It is also recommended that residents should stay alert even if their codes turn green. At the Guangzhou Press Conference on COVID-19 Prevention and Control on Oct. 28th, Zhang Zhoubin, Party Secretary and spokesperson of the Guangzhou CDC, reminded the public that yellow code holders shall go through 3-day self-health monitoring at home because they run the risk of transmission despite temporary green code status.  


Why did the health code turn "yellow"?

In light of the latest COVID situation, relevant departments are constantly adjusting health codes through big data analysis.

If you have stayed in or near any key sites where confirmed cases or asymptomatic infections have visited at specific time slots, then you will be subject to health screening and management. Your code will become "yellow" if you fit into the above scenario.

How do I turn yellow code to green? The answer is to take at least one PCR test after being assigned a yellow code.

Why was I still assigned a yellow code with a 24-hour negative result? How can I turn it into a green code?

Three points must be observed carefully: sampling time, the time when the result comes out, and yellow code assignment time.

The key to turning a yellow code into a green code is to undertake at least one PCR test after the assignment. That is to say, the time you take the test must be after you have been assigned a yellow code, and the time when your test result comes out does not matter.

How do I check the time for being assigned a yellow code?

Launch the Yuekang code mini-program, and click "Health Information" or "Yellow Code - Key Personnel in the Controlled Areas"; alternatively, you may launch the Suikang Code mini-program and click "Causes" (as shown in the picture below).


Rumor -- Appeals can bring the green code back to you!

Recently, the so-called"guidelines on appealing yellow code"have been circulating on the Internet. In fact, appeals are not the reasons why people get their green code back.

Some appeal cases become successful because the PCR test results taken after being assigned the yellow code have come out.

Some residents wonder how they can return to green code if they are within the lockdown or partially lockdown areas.

If you are in such areas, you should comply with the COVID-19 protocols, and wait for the medical workers to conduct PCR testing at your home or at centralized facilities.

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