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Guangzhou deepens education cooperation with Spain | Updated:2022-05-31

Guangzhou Foreign Language School and Colegio Juan de Lanuza in Zaragoza, a Guangzhou sister city in Spain, have recently agreed to be international sister schools and will focus on strengthening cooperation in the field of language teaching.

Guangzhou Foreign Language School is one of the first seven foreign language schools in China approved by the Ministry of Education in 1962. It now offers six foreign language courses in English, Japanese, French, German, Russian, and Spanish.

Established in 1978, Colegio Juan de Lanuza is a pioneer unit in Spanish education known for its creative education models, utilization of new technologies, and humanistic education.

Zaragoza is the fifth-largest city in Spain. It boasts a good transportation network, as well as rich historical and cultural resources. The city is Guangzhou's third Spanish international friendly cooperation and exchange city.

In recent years, Guangzhou has actively promoted friendly exchanges between sister cities in the field of education. It has also established a platform for international friendship and cooperation in education and culture between Chinese and foreign cities. To date, Guangzhou primary and secondary schools have established 108 pairs of international sister schools.


Guangzhou Foreign Language School.


Colegio Juan de Lanuza in Spain.


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