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Booth applications for 132nd session of Canton Fair opens | Updated:2022-05-13

The 132nd session of the China Import and Export Fair, also known as the Canton Fair, is scheduled to be held in mid-to-late October, with booth applications opening on May 7.

The following 16 categories of products can apply for booths, namely: electronics and home appliances; lighting items; vehicles and accessories; machinery; hardware tools; building materials; chemical products; new energy products; consumer goods; gifts; home decorations; textile and clothing; shoes; office bags and leisure products; medicine and health care products; as well as food.

The booths of the Canton Fair export exhibition are divided into brand booths and general booths.

The application period for brand booths is from May 7 to 30, while the application period for general booths, including new energy and pet supplies booths, is from May 7 to June 10.

Please log in to the Canton Fair "Exhibitor Express" system, register, confirm company and exhibit information, and then apply for a booth.

The "Exhibitor Express" system is the only official booth application channel of the Canton Fair.

After completing the online application and registration process, please contact the affiliated trading group for follow-up related matters.

The Canton Fair Export Exhibition does not entrust any unit or individual other than the trading delegation to act as an agent for any booth application and arrangement.

For more details, please refer to the Notice on the Application for the Booth of the Export Exhibition of the 132nd session of the China Import and Export Fair on the official website of the Canton Fair.


The China Import and Export Fair. [Photo/WeChat account: GZWS411665430]

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