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Guangzhou, UAE officials talk green development | Updated:2022-01-18


Rahma Abdulrahman Rahma Alshamsi (C) and leaders of Guangzhou visit Haizhu National Wetland Park on Jan 7. [Photo provided to]

Zhan Decun, director of the foreign affairs office of the Guangzhou municipal government, Liu Liu, deputy director of the foreign affairs office of the Guangzhou municipal government, Zhang Yongliang, head of Haizhu district, and Rahma Abdulrahman Rahma Alshamsi, consul general of the UAE in Guangzhou, visited Haizhu National Wetland Park together on Jan 7.

The leaders discussed ways to bolster the city's construction and promote green development. Alshamsi expressed appreciation for the environmental protection efforts and the construction of wetlands in Haizhu, adding that both sides look forward to new cooperation opportunities.

This year marks the 10th anniversary of the establishment of the sister city relationship between Guangzhou and Dubai. Zhan said that Guangzhou would like to hold a series of celebrations with Dubai to expand exchanges between the two cities.

Since formalizing their relationship in April 2012, Guangzhou and Dubai have carried out exchanges and cooperation in business and modern service industry development, sewage treatment and safety management, as well as other fields, while continuously expanding areas for cooperation.


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