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Russian goes viral via original songs during quarantine in Liwan

GZFAO, GD Today | Updated:2021-06-15

Amosov Gennady, a Russian boy living in Liwan district, wrote songs to record his quarantine life these days. After his songs were published on GDToday, he's gone viral on social media.

Gennady learned from his friend that he can win prizes by sending his wishes and stories about the COVID-19 fight in Guangdong to GDToday. He then decided to send his videos. Reporters of GDToday had a video interview with him. After his songs and videos being posted, lots of people started sharing in different media outlets.

After becoming an Internet celebrity, he was also invited to attend Guangzhou's press conference on the fight against the COVID-19 online.

During the webinar conference, Gennady shared his daily life. He thought the volunteers in his community were very supportive and helped him a lot. Some volunteers came to his home 3 times to ask if they know about the test and where to buy food. "You can feel that you are not alone, and other people care about you. They will come to help you when you are in need," he said.

Gennady had been living in Tianhe district before he moved to Liwan district two months ago. "I am interested in Chinese tea, so I often go to Fangcun Tea Market and met a lot of friends there. Also, I like Liwan District. I think it is even more beautiful and comfortable than the place I lived before."

Talking about the feelings after he goes viral, Gennady said: "I feel just amazed. This had never happened to me before. I feel that even though I was isolated at home this time, I still found many friends."

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