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First two intl service communities in Guangzhou start operation | Updated:2021-03-30


The Huijing international service center. [Photo/Nanfang Plus]

Two international community service centers in Guangzhou's Tianhe district have now officially opened to public as pilot projects.

The Guangyue International Service Center, which has an overall area of around 600 square meters for actual use, started trial operations this January. 

The Guangyue international community, set up in June 2010, is the youngest of its kind in Tianhe's Liede sub-district. A total of 761 people out of 4,126 residents are from overseas. 

The center has become a comprehensive service platform integrating various functions such as handling affairs, lifestyle services, cultural communications and community shared governance.

Elements featuring Lingnan culture are available in the center and symbols of local landmarks such as the Canton Tower are showcased. A special wall displaying folk cultures such as Cantonese opera, dragon boats and lion dancing has been set up in the center.

Another international community service center is in the Huijing community, which has 1,015 registered overseas residents from 29 countries and regions. 

"The service center can help us better understand Chinese culture and give us more convenience in handling processes," said a resident named Eddie from the United Kingdom.

Starting official operations on March 15, the Huijing international community service center has set up a special reading area and the area has been well received by locals.

"We organize the parent-child picture book reading event every Friday and locals, including overseas people, have been participating in the event actively," said a staff member from the community. "Some overseas residents said that the events have allowed them to meet more Chinese friends and learn more about Chinese culture." 

Advanced technologies and products such as multi-touch screens and interactive projections are available in the center, allowing users to have an interesting time exploring information about local culture and other subjects.

Huijing community has set up a foreign-related voluntary team consisting of 12 overseas residents, and the team is now working on a bilingual service guide covering areas spanning medicine, business affairs, education and visa services to help local overseas residents feel at home. 

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