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Q&As about taking nucleic acid tests in major Guangzhou hospitals

SilkRoadPost | Updated:2021-01-25

Demand for nucleic acid tests has soared in major hospitals in Guangzhou after the health authority announced that people must get a negative test report before travelling back to their hometowns during the Spring Festival vacation.

The expense of taking a nucleic acid test shall be paid by the patient, and will be around 75 yuan ($11.58) per person. A test at disease control and prevention centers (CDC) will be 85 yuan.

01. Where to get a nucleic acid test?

At present, Guangzhou has 167 medical institutions eligible for conducting a nucleic acid test. The city is capable of conducting 700,000 tests on a daily basis if an emergency arises.

These medical organizations are scattered across all 11 districts in Guangzhou, including 17 in Yuexiu, 21 in Haizhu, nine in Liwan, 11 in Tianhe, 16 in Baiyun, 25 in Huangpu, 17 in Huadu, 15 in Panyu, 12 in Nansha, 11 in Conghua, and 13 in Zengcheng.  

02. How to make a reservation for a virus test?

People should make a reservation online before going for a test. Appointments can be made through WeChat accounts, apps or hospital mini-programs. A door-to-door sample collection service is available through Alipay.

1. Search "核酸检测";


2. Register and make an appointment for a nucleic acid test; you can choose door-to-door service or go to the designated venue for sampling.

03. When can a patient get their test result?

Patients can check their virus test results around 24 hours after having their samples taken, through the above-mentioned channels or through the "粤省事" mini-program. 

Patients at fever clinics can get their test results within six hours, while people at outpatient clinics - or those hospitalized and their attendants - can get their result within 12 hours.

04. Is the test result accepted in other cities?

The test result is accessible through the "穗康" and "粤省事" mini programs within two to four hours after being released by the testing facility. The certification can be used across the country.

05. Other notifications for people intending to get a virus test

1. Do not have meals two hours before sample collection to avoid possible vomiting.

2. No smoking, drinking alcohol or chewing gum 30 minutes before sampling to avoid a possible influence on the test results.

3. Inform the sample collectors of any previous medical history before having a sample taken.

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