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Guangzhou focuses on supporting HK, Macao youths' development | Updated:2020-07-08

Special working groups have been supported to be set up in Guangzhou to encourage Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan youths to start innovation and entrepreneurship in the city, said officials from the Hong Kong and Macao affairs office of the Guangzhou municipal government on July 7.

At present, Guangzhou has built 32 innovation and entrepreneurship bases for Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan youths, incubating a total of over 200 companies. More than 30,000 people from Hong Kong and Macao have now participated in the social insurance system in Guangzhou.

A comprehensive policy document on supporting Hong Kong and Macao youths' development in Guangzhou was released in 2019, covering various areas like subsidy applications, preferential taxation, and service center construction.

Efforts have been made in upgrading the supporting service level for Hong Kong and Macao youths in Guangzhou, such as including these people and their children into the social insurance system. Nearly 500 talent apartments are also available in the city for Hong Kong and Macao youths.

Guangzhou has offered over 2,000 high-quality internship opportunities for Hong Kong and Macao youths in 2019, attracting more than 1,300 youths.

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