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Guangzhou donations arrive in five Italian cities | Updated:2020-03-23

The medical supplies donated by Guangzhou for the prevention and control of novel coronavirus pneumonia (COVID-19) have arrived in five Italian cities on March 23.

All five cities, namely Padova, Barrie, Genoa, Milan, and Turin, are all friendly cities of Guangzhou.

A total of 300,000 medical protective masks and 200 forehead thermometers arrived at Padova on March 20.


A total of 300,000 medical protective masks and 200 forehead thermometers arrive at Padova, Italy on March 20. [Photo provided to]

Sergio Giordani, mayor of Padova, noted that all these supplies will be first offered to workers on the frontline of the fight against the novel coronavirus pneumonia, including medical workers, law enforcement officials, as well as volunteers taking care of the elderly and those in weak conditions. The remaining supplies will be distributed to local Padova residents in an orderly fashion.

Padova has been one of the hardest-hit cities in Italy as the city has reported 924 confirmed cases of the novel coronavirus pneumonia by March 20.


Padova, Italy expresses its gratitude for Guangzhou. [Photo provided to]

Guangzhou overcame many problems in transporting medical supplies to these cities as quickly as possible, such as a current shortage in shipping resources.

In recent years, Guangzhou has carried out deep cooperation and communication with Italian friendly cities in areas spanning city innovation, education, culture, and arts, establishing a series of cooperation projects.

It is expected that the friendship between Guangzhou and these Italian cities will further grow in the future.

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