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Guangzhou handles first online arbitration concerning three parties | Updated:2020-02-18

A dispute over a contract related to international trade between a Chinese company and an Indonesian company was adjourned recently through a remote court hearing, reported on Feb 13. 

The case was handled by the chief arbitrator from Macao of the Guangzhou Arbitration Commission (GZAC), with the Chinese party in Guangzhou, the Indonesian party in Shanghai, and the chief arbitrator in Macao.

The remote court hearing was the first of its kind to involve three parties in three separate locations, reducing the cost for dispute settlement to the greatest extent.

GZAC has applied internet technologies into its arbitrations early in 2014, launching China's first online arbitration platform, which has been very suitable for international commercial arbitration.

Zhang Xiaojian, director of GZAC's secretary department said that GZAC has handled 13,955 cases in 2019, including 261 foreign-related cases, up 66 percent year-on-year.

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