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China-Japan friendly exchange session held in Osaka

( : 2019-06-12

The city of Guangzhou held a special session with artists and senior enterprise officials from China and Japan sharing their stories of friendly exchanges between the two countries.

At the session, the first general manager of GAC Honda held a dialogue with the current senior official of GAC, telling stories of how Guangzhou's auto industry has developed significantly under the background of Sino-Japanese cooperation.


Senior officials from Guangzhou-based enterprises are invited to share stories of cooperation with their Japanese counterparts at the session. [Photo/Guangzhou Daily]

Huang Hongying, vice president from e-commerce company, Xiong Yifang, founder of drone manufacturer Ehang, and Du Lan, senior vice president of technology company Iflytek, also joined in the session and shared their stories of cooperation with their Japanese counterparts during the past few years.  

To date, Guangzhou has established sister cities relations with 38 cities across the world. However, the first sister city Guangzhou had was Fukuoka, which formalized their bond in May 1979. As a witness to the great occasion, Chiba Yukiko, the interpreter for Fukuoka, also shared her special story at the session.

In addition, Cantonese Opera master Ou Kaiming, as well as acrobatic performance artists Wu Zhengdan and Wei Baohua performed their shows on stage in Osaka.


The signing of an agreement establishing the sister cities relationship between Guangzhou and Fukuoka is signed in May 1979. [Photo/Guangzhou Daily]


The launch ceremony of the first car made by GAC Honda. The city of Guangzhou has had close cooperation with Japanese car manufactures during the past few decades, bringing a great boon to its auto industry. [Photo/Guangzhou Daily]