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Briefing on forum events of the 16th CISMEF held in Guangzhou

( : 2019-06-12

On June 11, the briefing on forum events of the 16th China International SME Fair (CISMEF) was held in Guangzhou. Wu Hong, deputy director-general of the secretariat of the CISMEF Organizing Committee and deputy director-general of the Department of Industry and Information Technology of Guangdong Province, introduced the content and features of the forum events of the 16th CISMEF.

There will be four types of forum events held during the 16th CISMEF.

The first is theme forums, including: the China SME Summit; the 2019 Micro-, Small and Medium-sized Enterprises Day Conference; New Products Launch for "Specialized, Fine, Unique, and Innovative" Pavilion; the SME Investment and Financing & Cross-border Business Matching Event; the Development Forum on Capital Market Empowering the Innovation and Development of SME, "Maker in China" Financing Development Project Matchmaking for Large, Small and Medium-sized Enterprises, Summit under the Special Action to Support SMEs to Participate in the Belt and Road Initiative, SME Informatization Application Promotion Activity & Informatization Forum.

The second is industry development forums, including Supply and Demand Matchmaking Activity for Energy-saving Technology Transformation and Services, and four industry summits in Cross-Border E-Commerce Exhibition.

The third is business matchmaking events, including three sessions of Targeted Business Matchmaking Activity for China-foreign SMEs, and 10 product supply-demand matchmaking events.

The fourth is Business Promotion Activities for Exhibition Delegation. Overseas delegations like Malaysia as well as delegations of Hong Kong and Taiwan, China will hold 10 overseas business promotion activities and exchange events. Delegations of Guizhou, Sichuan provinces and Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region will launch new products and promote the development of related industries during the 16th CISMEF.

Forum events of the 16th CISMEF will center on leading the high-quality development of SMEs and shows three features.

I. Correspond to the basic state policy of promoting the healthy development of SMEs and interpret policies related to the high-quality development of SMEs.

II. Put great emphasis on mitigating the difficulties and pain points for the development of SMEs, and support SMEs in high-quality development with factors and resources.

III. Follow the trend of opening-up, and provide new channels for international communications and cooperation for high-level development of SMEs.


The briefing on forum events of the 16th China International SME Fair (CISMEF) is held in Guangzhou on June 11. [Photo provided to]