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Storytelling session explores friendship and cooperation between Guangzhou and Gwangju

( : 2019-06-11

A storytelling session was held in Seoul, capital of South Korea, on June 10. Many big names from Guangzhou and Gwangju joined in, sharing their stories of friendship and cooperation between the two sister cities over the years since they forged that bond.

The storytellers include top officials from companies such as LG Display, Cedar Holdings, SKC Group, Iflytek, and Zhengjia Group.


The storytelling session is held in Seoul, South Korea on June 10. [Photo/]

In addition to the stories shared by big names, performances showcasing intangible cultural heritages from both two cities and arts shows were also staged. Highlights included a street dance battle, Cantonese Opera shows, and pansori performances, which is a Korean genre of musical storytelling performed by a singer and a drummer. 

Big names from companies based in Guangzhou and Gwangju share their stories at the session. [Photo/]

Artists from South Korea perform pansori, a Korean musical storytelling genre performed by a singer and a drummer, on June 10. [Photo/]