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Tripartite 2019 meetings held in New Zealand to promote trade, innovation

Xinhua | Updated:2019-05-24

The Tripartite 2019 meeting among Auckland, New Zealand, Guangzhou, China and Los Angeles, the United States, was launched on Monday to promote trade and innovation cooperation among the three Pacific cites.

Auckland Mayor Phil Goff delivered his opening speech by first acknowledging the importance of the Tripartite Economic Alliance and the sister city relations with Guangzhou and Los Angeles.

"The Tripartite meetings are an important platform for exchanging information and opportunities. The Tripartite Economic Alliance has strengthened Auckland's relationships with China and the U.S. It has delivered multi-million dollar business deals for Auckland and New Zealand businesses, created jobs and economic growth for our city," said Goff.

Goff also proposed wider range of cooperation among the three cities such as climate change and city congestion. "This cooperation could be more flexible than state to state relations," said Goff.

He also invited businesses and partners from Guangzhou and Los Angeles to explore further opportunities in Auckland.

Zhang Shuofu, secretary of the Communist Party of China Guangzhou Municipal Committee, in his speech, praised the wonderful platform built in 2014 when the Tripartite Economic Alliance was formed. He believed that the Tripartite platform is a new model for cooperation among global cities.

Five years since the formation of the Tripartite Economic Alliance, the three cities have had frequent exchanges in economy and trade. The cities also have signed cooperative agreements in tourism, culture, innovation and education, which are sound evidences of a deepening cooperation and relationship, said Zhang.

Zhang also highlighted the opportunities that emerged from the China-proposed Belt and Road Initiative, which would open up new approaches and platforms for global cooperation.

Zhang encouraged business and investors from sister cities to seize the opportunities and to participate in Guangzhou's vibrant economic progress.

Deputy Mayor of Los Angeles Jeff Gorell said that Los Angeles benefited from the Tripartite Economic Alliance, which showcased the vision of leaders from the three sister cities.

"The Tripartite Economic Alliance is an important platform for our three Pacific cities to work together for future development. It is also a good example for cities in the world as of how to cooperate. It is also our responsibility to further work together by making avail of respective advantages and share the prosperity for the future generation," said Gorell.

Aligning with Techweek'19, one of New Zealand's largest technology events, this year's two-day Tripartite meetings are focused on industrial innovation, digital creativity and big data, attended by over 360 businesses, investors and civic leaders from three cities.

Li Chuyuan, chairman of Guangzhou Pharmaceutical Holdings Limited, delivered a speech at the Food, Technology and Wellbeing penal discussion, sharing his thoughts on Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and health.

"Many countries in the world are now troubled by the escalating medical costs, and TCM provides a cost-effective solution to this global problem. In order to help more people take advantage of the health benefits of TCM, we now plan to make full use of the advanced technologies and the prevailing marketing approaches to produce the most needed healthcare products to the general public," said Li.


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