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Guangzhou applies 5G technology into city bus

( : 2019-05-16

The city of Guangzhou in Guangdong province announced the launch of a 5G bus scheduling center and the city's first 5G-supported bus route on May 13.

The center is located in Guangzhou Private Science and Technology Park, and No 563 buses shuttling between Luochongwei in Baiyun district and Guangzhou Private Science and Technology Park are the first batch of buses in the city equipped with 5G technology.


The launch ceremony of Guangzhou's first batch of 5G-supported buses. [Photo/]

The 5G network, which offer a transmission speed 10 times faster than a 4G service, is believed to have a wide range of application in the public transportation field, including a "5G high-definition multi-channel monitoring and decision analysis application system", a "5G smart high-definition video surveillance and security service management system", and a"5G cloud and smart maintenance materials system".  

It can also offer real-time transmission of high-definition videos, VR remote maintenance, as well as first-aid and other services.


The interior of a 5G bus. [Photo/]

With the further spreading and application of 5G networks, Guangzhou public transport bureau will strengthen its cooperation with China Telecom's Guangzhou Branch by launching more 5G bus routes and bringing more smart functions for passengers, according to insiders.