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Nansha sets up service platform for expats and HK, Macao, Taiwan residents | Updated:2019-04-15

To further optimize the service procedures for foreigners and Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan residents, Nansha district in Guangzhou recently set up a comprehensive platform integrating government services covering public security, human resources, and social insurance.

The comprehensive service platform is part of Nansha's efforts to echo the Outline Development Plan for the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, which was announced by the central government in February.  It will help explore policies and mechanisms conducive to talent development, as well as accelerate the building of international talent zones for Nansha, according to Zhao Teli, deputy head of Nansha government affairs service data management bureau.

The platform is equipped with service specialists who are familiar with foreign-related business and have a high level of foreign language communication capability. It provides one-stop consultation for foreigners seeking consultation and guidance on topics such as residence, entrepreneurship, employment, scientific research, and overseas investment matters in Nansha.

It provides one-on-one, full-process, and personalized consulting guidance services according to the actual living and development needs of overseas personnel. In addition, it offers services for foreign investors in Nansha to set up companies and enterprises to handle overseas investment filing. 

Currently, the platform provides multilingual services in English and Japanese. In the future, the language number for services will continue to be increased according to actual needs, according to Zhao.

In the past, visitors had to shuttle between various departments to get one thing done and were sometimes stuck due to a language barrier, according to Ben, a Chilean seeking to change the business scope of his company in Nansha.

 He lauds the platform which combines the operations of multiple departments and is equipped with foreign language services for easier communication. "It saved me a lot of time and energy," he said.


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