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The Eighteen Arhats Mountain

( : 2019-01-30

The Shiba Luohan Mountain (Eighteen Arhat Mountain in English) is a hilly region in Nansha district, Guangzhou. It is named after the eighteen large stones that represent the 18 arhats in Buddhism.


Peach blossoms are in full bloom at Shiba Luohan Mountain in Nansha district. [Photo/]

The region consists of more than 10 hills, with the highest point being 127.3 meters tall. In 2000, it was approved to be developed into a forest park. Due to its Danxia landform (a unique type of petrographic geomorphology found in southeast, southwest and northwest China that consists of red-colored sandstone and conglomerates mostly from the Cretaceous era) and sea erosion, profound historical and cultural discoveries have been made at the site.

Temples, forests, lakes, an ancient sea erosion site and blooming flowers are the region's main attractions.


A girl poses for a photo in front of some peach blossoms at Shiba Luohan Mountain. [Photo/]


A man wanders the forests at Shiba Luohan Mountain. [Photo/]

Ticket price: Free

Best time to view flowers:

Peach blossoms: February to March

Pear blossoms: mid-February to March

Cherry blossoms: March to April