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Guangzhou volunteers forge China-Seychelles bond

( : 2019-01-09

In 2007, Guangzhou began sending youth volunteers to aid the Seychelles, an archipelago country in the Indian Ocean. Since then, a total of 81 volunteers from Guangzhou have engaged in various medical, educational and electric power engineering services in the country. 

On Jan 8, the city's eighth group of 13 volunteers arrived at the Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport. During their year in the Seychelles, they served as physicians, community doctors, acupuncturists, power distribution engineers, network engineers and construction engineers. They have provided professional support for medical care, cultural exchanges, and technology in the Seychelles while also contributing to friendly exchanges between Chinese and Serbian people and helping promote the Belt and Road Initiative.


A volunteer kisses his daughter after a year of service in the Seychelles. [Photo/Guangzhou Daily]

Peng Yi, an acupuncturist from Tianhe, Guangzhou, serves as a great example of the volunteer group's contributions to strengthening people-to-people bonds between the two countries and promoting traditional Chinese acupuncture techniques. 

As an archipelago country, Seychelles is often in short supply of medicine for pain in the neck, shoulders and legs. The Guangzhou doctor has been recognized in the Seychelles for his acupuncture techniques to relieve the pain of the diseases. One of Peng's patients, Dr Shah, who used to take painkillers for his neck and shoulders pain, was ecstatic after receiving the acupuncture therapy, which was highly effective and resulted in no side effects.


A volunteer hugs a family member after getting off a plane from the Seychelles. [Photo/Guangzhou Daily]