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Russian State Ballet to perform Swan Lake in Guangzhou | Updated:2018-12-18

One of the world's most renowned ballet troupes—the Russian State Ballet – is scheduled to tour Shenzhen and Guangzhou in South China from Dec 21-23, performing Swan Lake and other classic ballets. 

The Guangzhou show will be performed at the Guangzhou Opera House on Dec 23, and an afternoon show has also been specially arranged to give more people a chance to admire the Russian version of the ballet masterpiece.


The Russian State Ballet will perform Swan Lake in Guangzhou on Dec 23. [Photo/]

The ballet, created by Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky 100 years ago, has had many incarnations over the years. In recent years, at least 40 international ballet troupes have performed Swan Lake in China, and the Russian State Ballet's version has enjoyed wide acclaim for its artistry and quality.

The Russian troupe is under the direct leadership of the Russian Ministry of Culture and has visited more than 80 countries and regions around the world. The group retains a high regard for the history of ballet and is filled with highly skilled performers. It has always been committed to the preservation of outstanding Russian ballets.


The Russian State Ballet's rendition of Swan Lake adds many of its own creative and challenging maneuvers. [Photo/]

Swan Lake as performed by the Russian State Ballet not only retains the elegant style of the original, but also adds many of its own creative and challenging maneuvers. Every scene effectively pushes the story forward, while much of the drama is reinvented to better reflect the inner world of the characters.


Swan Lake performed by the Russian State Ballet. [Photo/]


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