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Xinghai Concert Hall: witness 40 years of reform and opening-up | Updated:2018-08-09

"Reform and opening-up really ushered in a new era of open-mindedness and forward-looking in Guangzhou," said Liu Ying, director of the Xinghai Concert Hall, during an interview with Guangzhou Daily on July 6 on how reform and opening up brought glory to the Xinghai Concert Hall.

Over the past 20 years, the Xinghai Concert hall has attracted many great musicians and orchestras, bringing top-notch music to as many as 6 million people. In Liu's eyes, the Xinghai Concert Hall is indicative of the marvelous achievements made as a result of reform and opening up over the past 40 years.

With world-class acoustic design, the Xinghai Concert Hall offers affordable prices and provides people with an opportunity to appreciate classic music.

"People have an increasing appetite for the fine arts," said Liu. In response to this trend, the Xinghai Concert Hall has introduced many programs to popularize high-end music and things like Jazz, folk music, ballads and even rock-and-roll.

"Fine art transcends time and space and can be cherished by all human beings as a kind of spiritual wealth," said Liu. She also noted that the Xinghai Concert Hall has evolved from a mere urban landmark to the spiritual homeland of all Guangzhou citizens. More and more people are gathering here to share their common interest in music.


Liu Ying, director of the Xinghai Concert Hall, in an interview. [Photo/]

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