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Uganda consul general expects greater cooperation with Guangzhou | Updated:2018-08-07

Guangzhou has become increasingly connected with the outside world since reform and opening-up, in which consulates in Guangzhou played a vital role and served as a platform for political, economic, social and cultural exchanges, said Solomon Rutega, consul general of Uganda in Guangzhou.

Rutega has been living in Guangzhou for seven years, ever since he became the consul general of Uganda in August 2011. In his eyes, Guangzhou has established increasingly close ties with the outside world, as the number of consulates in Guangzhou has seen a stable increase every year.

There are currently 62 consulates in Guangzhou, compared with 41 when he first arrived in the city.

On July 25, the 10th annual BRICS summit was held in South Africa, which made him realize that a close partnership can be developed between Guangzhou and Uganda. He outlined his vision for increased cooperation under the framework of the Belt and Road Initiative.

"Most Ugandans come to Guangzhou for business or further education. I see Ugandan students study at Sun Yat-sen University and the South China Agricultural University. And we hope more Chinese tourists will start visiting our country."

The consul general has been busy visiting cities in Guangdong province and looking for business opportunities with companies, incubators and studios.

"Guangzhou is the birthplace of WeChat, an innovative local company. I hope even more entrepreneurs and enterprises can thrive in Guangzhou in the future," he said. He expects Guangzhou to open up even more and attract more foreign companies.


Solomon Rutega, consul general of Uganda, expands on his vision of greater cooperation between Uganda and Guangzhou. [Photo/Guangzhou Daily]

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