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A glimpse of Guangzhou 4 decades ago | Updated:2018-08-07

Buildings near Liuhua Lake are depicted, including the Dongfang Hotel and the Guangdong Radio and Television Station. [Photo/]

Renminbei Road of Guangzhou in the early 1970s bears resemblance with Chang'an Avenue in Beijing. [Photo/]

An old photo of Guangzhou Martyrs Memorial Park. [Photo/]

This photo from early 1970s shows Guangzhou locals buying fruits. [Photo/]

Guangzhou locals buy pork at a grocery store with special pork coupons. [Photo/] 

An old photo of Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport. [Photo/]

Children exit the Guangzhou Children's Palace in Yuexiu district, which was built in 1952. [Photo/]

A solider gives extracurricular trainings to primary school students in Guangzhou. [Photo/]


A rural doctor talks to her patient in the open crop field in Guangzhou. [Photo/]

Artists stage Cantonese Opera shows in Guangzhou. [Photo/]

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