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Guangzhou principal offers insights into primary education | Updated:2018-08-03

The year 2018 marks a 40-year education career for Wu Yingmin, principal of Guangzhou Middle School, and coincides with the 40th anniversary of China's reform and opening-up. In an interview with Guangzhou Daily on July 6, Wu shared his views on primary education, which he drew from his 40 years of experience.

Wu attaches great importance to quality education and places more value on ethical standards and social responsibilities than just scores and credits.

"Throughout my teaching career, what has made me happy is not matriculation results, but seeing my students become great in all walks of life and make contributions to our society," said Wu.

Wu, who is also the vice president of the Chinese Society of Education, said he has witnessed China's development in education alongside the reform and opening-up for the past 40 years, which he says can be divided into three phases.

The first phase, lasting from 1978 to the 1990s, is a period when education and teaching research were still being explored. Education aimed to cultivate students' basic knowledge and abilities and improve scientific and cultural literacy. The second phase, which starts during the 1990s and lasts until 2000, is when the education system began paying attention to both scientific and cultural knowledge and also began guiding students' values and moral quality. The third ongoing phase consists of high-quality education for students, focusing on fostering innovation and practical capabilities.

In Wu's eyes, getting high exam scores and being excellent in certain subjects are not the sole indicators of talent. Great students must have morals, be broad-minded and shoulder the responsibilities of society. 

"If one day, those who don't have a humanitarian concern for the underprivileged become the leaders of society, what will our world become? I'm quite worried," he said.

Wu was commended as "the best principal" for his insightful and forward-looking views on education.


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