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Young entrepreneur applauds Guangzhou government for support


The open and healthy entrepreneurial atmosphere in Guangzhou ensures that business ventures can thrive, according to Li Zhankeng, founder of Youmi Technology, in an interview with Guangzhou Daily on July 6.

Youmi Technology, the first of its kind domestically, is a Guangzhou-based advertisement agency focused on mobile marketing. After several years of development,  the new company was listed on the National Equities Exchange and Quotations system, also known as the New Third Board, in 2015. And in 2016, it rose in the list of the top 100 domestic Internet companies.

Speaking of Youmi's success, Li said: " I'm grateful to be in this era of reform and opening up and I really appreciate the Guangzhou government for creating an environment that allows young people with passion and dreams to realize their full potential."

He also noted that Guangzhou's inclusiveness and support for innovation give them considerable encouragement. "The Guangzhou government has created a favorable environment for startups, for example, giving them monetary support and streamlining registration procedures." he said.

According to Li Zhankeng, altruism is at the core of Youmi's values. The company will always remain in Guangzhou and keep building its marketing data analysis platform App Growing to help Guangzhou become a global mobile marketing hub.


Li Zhankeng, founder of Youmi Technology, talks about Guangzhou's business environment. [Photo/]

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