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Cultural exchanges tie bonds between Guangzhou and Panama

( : 2018-07-10


A Guangzhou-based art troupe performs a lion dance in Panama City on July 4. [Photo/]

Art troupes from Guangzhou and Panama put on a variety of performances on July 4 in Panama City in celebration of the first anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic ties between China and Panama.

The Xinlianxin Art Troupe from Huadu district of Guangzhou brought lion dances and martial arts to Panama citizens while the local art troupes offered distinctive Panamanian folk dances.


The audience snaps a shot of the performances. [Photo/]

The events aimed at further consolidating the foundation of interconnection and mutual trust between Guangzhou people, overseas Chinese and Panama citizens through cultural and educational exchanges. These exchanges will promote cooperation between China and Panama at a deeper level and in a wider scope, according to Zou Xuan, head of Huadu district's publicity department.


Government officials from Guangzhou and Panamapose for a group photo. [Photo/] 

Over 200,000 overseas Chinese living in Panama come from Huadu district of Guangzhou, and account for 80 percent of the country's total overseas Chinese population.