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Turkey eyes more Chinese visitors and investment


More than 350,000 Chinese visited Turkey last year and the country has set the goal of attracting 1 million Chinese travelers a year, said Abdulkadir Emin Onen, Turkey's ambassador to China.

He told the media during a promotional event in Guangzhou on April 3 marking the Turkey Tourism Year in China that to meet this end more flights between the two countries are necessary.


A Turkish tourism promotion seminar is held in Guangzhou on April 3. [Photo provided to]

With more than 1,000 China-invested projects now in Turkey, the country welcomes more Chinese investment in a wide range of sectors, but especially in technology-focused fields such as research and development and artificial intelligence.

Turkey has the advantage of acting as a regional business hub serving Europe, Asia and Africa, Onen said.

Onen also emphasizes exchanges between students and teachers of the two countries as a way to enhance mutual understanding.


Abdulkadir Emin Onen, Turkey's ambassador to China, speaks at the promotion seminar. [Photo provided to]

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