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Guangzhou TCM company teams up with GE Healthcare in cell therapy | Updated:2018-01-18

Xiangxue Pharmaceuticals, a Guangzhou traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) production and research company aims to promote cell therapy industrialization in cooperation with GE Healthcare, a multinational medical services provider and medical equipment maker.

On Jan 16, the leading TCM maker signed a cooperation agreement with GE Healthcare in the Guangzhou Development District.

According to the agreement, GE Healthcare will help Xiangxue Pharmaceuticals build a preparational platform for cell therapy industrialization and a clinical translation center in the Guangzhou Development District. Meanwhile, the two parties will also join hands to promote the industrialization of immunotherapy drugs.


Xiangxue Pharmaceuticals signs a cooperation agreement with GE Healthcare in Guangzhou Development District on Jan 16. [Photo provided to]  

The two companies will jointly build an innovative platform for the biomedical industry integrating medicine R&D, pilot testing, industrialization and clinical translation. It will help make safer cell therapy drugs, put them into clinical testing and boost the development of the cell therapy industry in China.

In June, GE Healthcare and the Guangzhou Development District broke ground on the GE Bio-Campus in Guangzhou Knowledge City. The campus, which covers 350,000 square meters and has an investment totaling 800 million yuan ($123.4 million), aims to support the large-scale manufacturing of biopharmaceuticals, leveraging GE's expertise and technologies.

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