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Jinan University sets up institute for Macao studies | Updated:2017-11-30

The fifth International Academic Seminar on Macao Studies was recently held at Jinan University in Guangzhou, where scholars and experts from China, Portugal and America convened to discuss Macao's history, politics, military, culture, religion, economy and law.

Held jointly by Jinan University, Social Sciences in China Press, Macao Foundation, University of Macao, Macao University of Science and Technology and Macao Polytechnic Institute, the seminar covered topics including Macao studies and globalization, Macao spirit and Macao's development.

The seminar also saw the launch of the Macao Studies Institute at Jinan University.

According to Song Xianzhong, vice president of Jinan University, the institution has been carrying out solid work on Macao's historic and cultural research and has thus far fostered characteristic discipline and advantageous fields. He noted that the seminar reflects the importance that the university has attached on Macao studies.

At the seminar, Xiao Fenghua, head of Guangdong People's Publishing House, revealed the latest publication of Macao studies research achievements and documents. He also urged the scholars who attended the forum to enhance communications by making full use of a special media center at Jinan University. Founded in May 2015, the center promotes Guangzhou-Hong Kong-Macao cooperation in terms of publishing and the media sector. 


The fifth International Academic Seminar on Macao Studies is held at Jinan University in Guangzhou on Nov 25. [Photo/] 

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