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Intl food festival commences in Guangzhou

( : 2017-11-13

The 2017 Guangzhou International Food Festival, a ten-day foodie extravaganza featuring an exclusive roster of fine food and food cultures, opened in the southern Chinese city of Guangzhou on Nov 10.


Visitors are fascinated by a foreign chef's food-making stunt at the 2017 Guangzhou International Food Festival.[Photo/] 

With the main venue of the event set at Xiongfeng International Food and Culture City in Panyu district, the festival covers an area of 33,000 square meters and features 275 booths showcasing delicacies from China and foreign countries.

Highlighted exhibition areas at the food festival include International Food Area where a wide range of exotic delicacies are served, Chinese Food Corridor where visitors can enjoy famous Chinese cuisines like Cantonese cuisine, Sichuan cuisine and Hunan cuisine, and Ice Cream Zone where ice creams from Switzerland, Belgium, Italy and Russia are on sale.

Apart from providing more types of food, food safety is further ensured at this year's gourmet festival as the local food and drug administration has teamed up with third-party food testing agency Best Justicial Testing to take samples and conduct tests throughout the event.


A variety of ice cream brands from Switzerland, Belgium, Italy and Russia can be bought at the 2017 Guangzhou International Food Festival.[Photo/] 

"We conduct dozens of tests every day including testing food addictive content and pathogenic bacteria and illegal food additives can be detected in as quickly as 10 minutes," said a staff member from Best Justicial Testing.   

Other activities of the food festival include commercial activities on internet plus catering industry, cooking culture promotion, cooking skill performances, artistic performances, and a photo contest.


Tasty traditional snacks of the Miao ethnic group are served at the 2017 Guangzhou International Food Festival.[Photo/]