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Fortune Global Forum uniforms debut in Guangzhou

( : 2017-11-08

A total of two sets of uniforms designed especially for the 2017 Fortune Global Forum were revealed at a launch event in Guangzhou on Nov 7.

The two uniforms, one a business suit and the other a casual suit, were made by famous clothing designers from Guangzhou and will be used at business conferences, banquets and guest reception throughout the forum.


Two volunteers showcase the business suit designed especially for the 2017 Fortune Global Forum on Nov 7. [Photo/]

Early in May and June, the organizers of the 2017 Fortune Global Forum started to collect designs for forum uniforms and received more than 30 designs from the public by the end of July. It wasn't until August that the final designs were nailed down.

The organizers also called on the public to contribute their best ideas for nicknames for the forum volunteers on Nov 7, with a deadline for submissions set for Nov 20. 


Volunteers showcase the uniforms for the 2017 Fortune Global Forum on Nov 7. [Photo/]