Scanning a QR code to board your flight in Guangzhou

( : 2017-09-25

Passengers can now go through security checks and board their planes by scanning QR codes on their electric boarding passes at the Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport, Guangdong province.

It should be noted that the service is only available for the QR code sent by through the official channel of the airport. The code sent by any unauthorized third-party platform is not acceptable at the check-in counter. For more information please check the following details.

1. How long in advance can passengers apply for the electric boarding pass?

Answer: For now, passengers for flights on China Southern Airlines can apply for electric boarding passes two days before the flight and they should apply after 12:00 am.

2. Is it true that all the passengers for domestic flights departing from Guangzhou can apply for electric boarding passes?

Answer: Passengers that need special care during the journey and are required to meet certain conditions, such as passengers with babies and unaccompanied children, cannot apply for electric boarding passes in advance. 

3. I'm on a business trip and need the paper boarding pass to apply for reimbursement, what should I do?

Answer: Passengers can go through check-in procedure on the official website of China Southern Airlines or at the self-service check-in counter for domestic flights at the third floor in the departure hall of terminal building can print a paper boarding pass. Passengers can also print a boarding pass at the boarding gate when they board the plane with electric boarding pass.

4. What should passengers do if they have problems when going through security inspection with an electric boarding pass?

Answer: If the machine breaks down, the security inspection system can retrieve the passenger's information by his/her flight number and seat number. If the passenger cannot pass security inspection, the staff members will guide him/her to print a paper boarding pass at the Manager On-duty Counter for domestic flights at the check-in hall; or to print a boarding pass at self-service check-in machines.

5. What should passengers with electric boarding passes do if they need to transfer flights or change flight tickets?

Answer: Staff members at the Manager On-duty Counter for domestic flights provides services for transferring flights and changing tickets based on passenger's electric ticket and flight record.