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Messengers invite big shots to Fortune Global Forum 2017 | Updated:2017-09-18

A total of 40 messengers selected from students and young entrepreneurs in southern Chinese city of Guangzhou attended a special letter-sending ceremony held in Guangzhou on Sept 17.

At the ceremony, the messengers shared their hand-written letters aiming to invite the managers and CEOs of Fortune Global 500 enterprises to attend the Fortune Global Forum 2017.

Afterwards, the messengers postmarked their letters, put them into special envelops featuring Guangzhou's iconic architectures and sent them out.


A girl shows off her letter to the CEO of a Fortune Global 500 enterprise at the ceremony. [Photo/] 

Lin Jiaxi, a grade five student from Huayang Primary School, one of the selected messengers, wrote a letter to Mary Barra, CEO of US automaker General Motors (GM). In her letter, she expressed her keen interest in pilotless electric automobiles and hoped GM can develop an electric car which can fly when in traffic jams. Lin also said she is looking forward to interviewing CEOs and managers of Fortune Global 500 enterprises who will attend the Fortune Global Forum 2017 in December.

In early June, organizers of the Fortune Global Forum 2017 called on the whole city of Guangzhou to turn into messengers for the event and many people including primary and middle school students from Guangzhou, excellent college graduates and young entrepreneurs were selected to serve the event and promote Lingnan culture.

On Aug 12, the selected messengers were given a special training on how best to convey their messages with images and new media in order to give the big shots of Fortune Global 500 enterprises a better understanding of the Guangdong province capital.


One messenger of Fortune Global Forum 2017 postmarks her letter with a special designed seal. [Photo/]


The messengers of Fortune Global Forum 2017 put their letters into a Canton Tower-shaped mailbox. [Photo/]


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