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Students from HK and Macao complete internships in Nansha | Updated:2017-08-29

A total of 400 students from universities in Hong Kong and Macao finished internships in Nansha, Guangzhou recently, holding a special sharing session at Nansha Marina on Aug 25.

The students took part in the Nansha internships as a result of a project initiated in 2017 to help young people from Hong Kong and Macao learn more about life on the Chinese mainland.


A sharing session on student internship is held at Nansha Marina on Aug 25. [Photo/]

The interns included students and graduates from Hong Kong and Macao who studied on the Chinese mainland, as well as soon-to-be university students who had just finished their Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education Examination.

During their four to six-week internships, the students participated in a wide range of cultural activities held by the Nansha Youth Federation including the Guangdong-Hong Kong- Macao Greater Bay Area Camp, youth debate contest, photography contest and sailing. The activities enabled the students to gain a better understanding of Nansha, and intensify their bond with the Chinese mainland.

Zhong Weijian, a student from the faculty of Business and Economics at the University of Hong Kong, completed a one–month internship at the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, learning greatly from the experience.

"The internship gave me a great chance to take a look at myself, to look back and to look forward," Zhong said.

According to Gao Fei, head of the Nansha Youth Federation, more students will be involved in the internship project and more colorful activities will be organized for student internships in the future. 


Students from Hong Kong and Macao show their certificates of honor at the sharing session held at Nansha Marina on Aug 25. [Photo/]


Students pose for a group photo at a sharing session to celebrate the completion of their internships. [Photo/]

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