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Fortune Global Forum 2017 messengers trained | Updated:2017-08-15

More than 200 messengers for the Fortune Global Forum 2017, selected from primary and middle schools, attended a training session on Aug 12.

The students are tasked with sending letters and corresponding with managers at Fortune Global 500 companies and leading enterprises to show a human face and the real-life image of Guangzhou.


A messenger for Fortune Global Forum 2017 asks a question at a lecture held at Guangzhou Library on Aug 12. [Photo provided to]

The lecture, held at Guangzhou Library, taught the students how best to convey their messages with images and new media, to give their new "pen pals" a better understanding of the Guangdong province capital.

"When we are introducing the city's economy, we cannot leave out the city's ecology and culture," said the organizer of the lecture. He noted that the letters written by the students will address Guangzhou's cuisines, commercial district as well as its tourist attractions.  

Lin Feiyin, a year eight student from Guangzhou Tieyi Middle School, said she was excited to take part in the correspondence. "I want to write a letter to the CEO of CVS Health, an American retail pharmacy and health care company," Lin said. "If CVS Health settles in Guangzhou, it will bring a new health care philosophy to us and promote healthcare in China."

Liu Yijun from Guangzhou Baiyun Guangya Experimental School, said she learnt a lot from the lecture. "We can introduce Guangzhou to the world in many ways including letters, photos, videos and live broadcasts – I will try my best to increase Guangzhou's global exposure."


More than 200 students from primary and middle schools attend the lecture on Aug 12. [Photo provided to]


Messengers take notes in preparation for their correspondence with managers at Fortune Global 500 companies and leading enterprises. [Photo provided to]


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