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Nighttime views of Guangzhou up high | Updated:2017-07-28

So used are we to living our lives at ground level, it is not until we view our city from a different perspective until we realize how beautiful it is.

Guangzhou Daily recently sent a camera drone up into the skies of the city at night to record what the Guangdong capital looks likes like from the clouds.


Sweeping across the Pearl River, glowing ribbons of expressways swirl across the city. [Photo/]


The skyscrapers of Zhujiang New Town stand as glowing guardians of the illuminated streets below. [Photo/]


Guangzhou's road network shines a fluorescent gold, acting as the arteries of the city in the midst of the night. [Photo/]


Ridley Scott's classic 1982 science fiction film Blade Runner is not too far off modern day Guangzhou illuminated in neon at night. [Photo/]

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