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Nansha Port put into full operation | Updated:2017-05-04

Guangzhou's Nansha Port was put into operation on May 2, after the completion of its third and final phase of construction, according to Guangzhou Port Co.

The project includes four berths able to handle 100,000 tons of containers each, two 70,000-ton container berths, as well as 24 berths for 2,000-ton barges.

Located on Longxue Island in Nansha district, the third phase of the project covers 65 square kilometers, with a long coastline capable of building up to 50 deep-water berths and holding large numbers of barges.

China's top economic planning body, the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC), green-lit the 7.47 billion yuan ($1.08 billion) project in 2010.

Construction began in 2012, with the No 12 and 13 wharfs put into operation two years later – with another three opening up in 2016.

The third phase has already attracted four large-scale liner companies including Shanghai's Zhonggu Shipping Co and Shenzhen's Sinowell Logistics Group Co, according to an employee at Guangzhou Port Co.

As of the end of March, Nansha has 108 shipping lines, 77 of which engaged in foreign trade.

Now that Nansha Port has been put into full operation, it is expected to elevate Guangzhou into an international shipping hub.


Containers are loaded and unloaded at Nansha Port, Guangzhou. Construction of the port's third phase has completed and it is now fully operational. [Photo by Huang Yong'an/]


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