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History of Guangzhou's buses published

( )Updated : 2017-04-24

A history of the humble bus, a cornerstone of giving the people the freedom to travel all over, has been published in Guangzhou.

Gallery of Buses Transport in Canton, written by Jiang Shaojian, is the first illustrated book of its kind to be published in the Guangdong capital.


Jiang Shaojian, a Guangzhou resident, is passionate about the history of the city's buses. [Photo by Su Junjie/Guangzhou Daily]

Collating Jiang's own photos taken over a 30-year period as well as historic pictures dating back as far as a century, the books provide a fond look back at the development of public transport over the years.

Jiang, who is in his thirties, discovered his passion for buses at a young age and has captured Guangzhou's people carriers in his lens for almost three decades. He took his first bus snap as a student in 1991 and has never looked back.


Jiang publishes a set of books illustrating the long history of buses in Guangzhou. [Photo by Su Junjie/Guangzhou Daily]

In researching for the book, Jiang spent hundreds of hours scouring archives, historic documents, and online materials, though the resources were not plentiful. He appealed to friends with a similar passion and finally managed to find the pictures and videos that the books needed.

After five years' research and sorting through some 100,000 photos, Jiang's book was ready to set off on its route to the shelves of Guangzhou libraries.


Jiang's book shows the match-box shaped bus used in the late 1930s, which were only for military use in Guangzhou. [Photo by Su Junjie/Guangzhou Daily]