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Old City Axis | Updated:2017-02-20


The old city axis of Guangzhou. [Photo provided to]

Since the Kingdom of Nanyue, Guangzhou's politics, history and culture have unfolded along this 2,000-year-old traditional axis of the city, evolving through the Ming and Qing Dynasties and the Republic of China to become a sizable concentration of political institutions.

Yuexiu Mountain, the Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall, Zhenhai Tower and the Five-Rams Sculpture of the Yuexiu district allow tourists to experience the marriage of tradition and modernity as they traverse this historical backbone of the city.

Standing atop the 69.2-meter-high Yuejiu Mound of Yuexiu Mountain, the Sun Yat-sen Monument offers a panoramic view of the entire city. At a height of 37 meters, the ancient obelisk commemorates Sun Yat-sens will.

The Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall, completed 20 years after the Revolution of 1911, incorporates a significant number of Chinese and foreign design elements, drawing inspiration from Byzantine basilicas to fully demonstrating the traditional of features Chinese architecture. The octagonal palace, the blue glazed tile roof, the upturned eaves and the snowflake-patterned lattice windows offer an awe-inspiring experience for visitors.

Shaped like a rhino horn, Zhenhai Tower rests in Yuexiu Park standing 25 meters tall. Built in the Ming Dynasty, the tower currently holds a huge collection of ancient and modern folk-history books.

The Five-Rams Sculpture was erected in 1956 on the Muke Mound of Yuexiu Mountain. A symbol of auspiciousness, the sculpture is representative of on ancient legend whereby five immortals once descended upon Guangzhou riding atop rams. These immortals are said to have taught the first settlers of the city how to grow rice, thus forever ending the threat of famine.

Suggested Tour Route:

Guangzhou Zero Point – Guangzhou Municipal Government Building – Sun Yat-sun Memorial Hall – Sun Yat-sen Monument – Zhenhai Tower – Zhongyuan Building – Five-Rams Sculpture – Yuexiu Park


Metro is the best transportation choice for a tour around the old city axis. Every scenic spot, whether in the north or south of the axis, is in walking distance from a metro station.

Zhenhai Tower (Xiaobei Station on Metro Line 5)

Five-Ram Sculpture in Yuexiu Park (Yuexiu Park Station on Line 2)

Sun Yat-sen Monument, Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall (Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall Station on Line 2)

Guangzhou Municipal Government Building, People's Park, Beijing Lu Pedestrian Street, Guangzhou Zero Point (Gongyuanqian Station on Line 1 or Line 2) 

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