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Guangzhou to improve public transport system | Updated:2017-02-04

Guangzhou has unveiled plans for another big construction project to improve the city's public transport system in the city's 13th Five-Year Plan (2016-20) for urban infrastructure development published on Feb 1.

The plan's main objective is for Guangzhou to connect all its transport networks into one integrated system by 2020, including its airports, railways, highways, metros, ports and green transport. This should make travelling around the city quicker and more convenient for visitors and residents.

There are also ambitions for Guangzhou to create an "Air Silk Road", which could lead to a large increase in the number of flight connections from local airports. By 2020, the city hopes to have created a "four-hour traffic circle" connecting Guangzhou with other major cities in China and Southeast Asia. Guangzhou also intends to construct a "twelve-hour traffic circle" linking to metropolises all over the world.

For its railway network, Guangzhou plans to form a "one-hour intercity traffic circle" to make the city the definitive center of the Pearl River Delta region, connecting nine high-speed railways and four traditional tracks.


A passenger waits outside Guangzhou Railway Station. [Photo by Liang Xu / Xinhua]


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